“I use paper and Ink primarily for my artwork. I draw many human figures in my work and leave them colorless so that people from any part of the world could easily fit into and relate to any of the images as if they were from their own ethnicity and background. Most of my works have an obvious pop of color that stirs the imagination of the viewer to color the rest of the image in their minds, subconsciously. 

The style of drawing is not standard; I came up with it myself. I was always fascinated by the idea of trying to complete an image with one single uninterrupted line or at least the illusion of it. A pattern called ‘moocha’ used by Zentangle artists caught my attention because of this very reason and I incorporate it in most of my art work. However, unlike this pattern’s normal usage as a decorative pattern, I use it as ‘clay’ that mold the images in my work, giving the images dimension, movement and life.”

Tharanga Goonetilleke

"The Accomplice"

                  Series of 15 pieces. 


Series of 6 pieces 


Series of 7 pieces


Series of 8 pieces


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